• Your knowledge and energy is infectious.
  • I know this year has had its ups and downs for you, but you're one of the kindest, most thoughtful, and head-screwed-on-straight people I know.
  • The way you go about conversations: exploratory, insightful, and reflective - always.
    • HSY!!!  Thanks for sparking my enjoyment for writing.
    • Justin asks, "Ok if I use profanity?" HS jokes, "I never learned curse words so go ahead.  Just kidding.  No problem." Justin states, "You may be the best human being on the planet.  Your questions are turning a vision into a practical reality."

"Hua Szu sees in me what others don’t. She doesn’t just hear me, she listens. She embraces my many flaws and helps me find the strength in them! With her guidance and encouragement, I feel like I can do anything. Oh, and she’s fun too! Truly a privilege."

~Quantitative trading, portfolio manager, computer scientist, athlete, friend, son.

"As an entrepreneur myself, I have experienced her support as a humble yet ferocious leader, and thought partner who contributes to every space she enters and helps create a space for critical conversations to occur.
During this pandemic, Hua Szu was a consistent pillar of support for her fellow community I had the pleasure of being part of.  She co-facilitated and organized numerous consistent virtual convenings that included a resilience meet-up for which she organized guest speakers and prompted audience participation.  Hua Szu rose to the occasion, as her track record especially proved during this difficult time.  Her leadership, advocacy and contributions for her fellow community, including newly acquainted individuals, were impactful to me personally and to others during this pandemic.  She also offered to connect me to various opportunities that would advance my own career and personal goals.  I know she has done the same for so many others."

~Artist, daughter, founder, culinary experimentalist.

"Hua Szu has helped me to embrace many different aspects of who I am because of her ability to listen, sense, ask, and be my trusted guide as I experiment with how I show up in the world."

~Technologist, nonprofit founder, sister, daughter, and dancer.

"Hua Szu is one of the most emotionally and cognitively intelligent leaders that you will ever partner with. Her thinking skills and execution are what sets her apart from others and her strengths are transformative to organizations and teams that HS joyfully collaborates with."

~Product leader, community builder, friend, vulnerability enthusiast, real estate investor.

"Being myself has become more effortless. I am proud to live with intent. I know why I do what I do, and I walk around feeling in my body how all that I do is in service of my ability to be me."

~Retail executive, fitness trainer, husband, father, son, and brother.

Express ourselves.
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