Express ourselves.
Unleash who we are by exploring how we manage our energy.
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What we believe in
We are ready to focus on being over doing. We want people around us to know us for who we are. Every activity we choose to do is a playground in which we let ourselves be.

Who are we?

Hua Szu Yang guides current and retired knowledge workers who fill their life with doing toward fulfilling their life by being. Her passion is to use conversation to solve problems. She would like to help you pave your path to self-expression.

We are also all of the people with which Hua Szu has had the honor of learning and growing. Loved ones, executives, mentors, mentees, coaches, teachers, audience members, co-authors, teammates, and counselors have all helped her to confront her own shift to making meaning in her life. To embrace her strengths, she now makes a choice every day to embolden people in the best way that she can.

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Photograph of founder of Hey Thrive Coaching.
Express ourselves.
Today is the day to let ourselves be. Let's work together to share who we are with the world.
Not sure what to say? Tell us about a character, from a film, show, book, dream, or your life, whom you resonate with most. We will start a dialogue with you.
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