Let's transform together.
12-Week Private Coaching

Right now, your reality may look this way:

Together, we will:

  • Understand your mindset behind why you tend to pack your calendar such that it is ready to burst at the seams at the moment that you misplace one color tag.
  • Be thankful for everything you have learned about yourself from what you have done.
  • Uncover what it means to you when the world knows you for who you are. Light your fire to your relaxed authenticity.
  • Shape your relationship with how you do what you do so that your activities are your space for you to come alive.
  • Celebrate your confidence that how you carry yourself through your days and hours is your loud, proud voice of who you are.

As a result, you will:

  • Have in hand tangible evidence of the renewed path you are paving during your time in this coaching program, proving to yourself your agency in creating meaning. Examples from past clients are original poems performed in front of an audience, a talk delivered to an audience abroad, and a kickoff of a self-directed event series.
  • Create a transformation worth over $100,000 in your lifetime.
  • As you unleash yourself upon the world, invite previously unexpected opportunities into your life that help you to fulfill your potential.
  • Boost your conviction and effect as an embodiment of courage in the communities you care about.

While you explore, feel free to check out sample resources and let me know what you think:

  • A simple template to help understand feelings and behaviors associated with personal and professional progress.
  • A few sample prompts to provoke thought about how we see ourselves and our relationships with others.
  • A sample README we might use to understand an intentional relationship.
Express ourselves.
Today is the day to let ourselves be. Let's work together to share who we are with the world.
Not sure what to say? Tell us about a character, from a film, show, book, dream, or your life, whom you resonate with most. We will start a dialogue with you.