Speaker Reel

Here are topics I speak about and facilitate experiences for. Reach out!

  • Encouraging teams to apply personal interests and lived experiences in professional settings.
  • Incorporating play into the day-to-day to nurture team creativity and joy.
  • Talking kindly about the feelings and the unspoken that underlie our interactions, to build energizing spaces of affection and ease.
  • Using agile development and test-driven development to unleash team creativity and progress toward a shared vision.
  • Imagining other ideas for us to collaborate on? Give a shout!
Where your organization has a particular need or variation to address, get in contact because we can tailor to best meet your need.
Gatherings I have hosted have yielded reflections ranging from a painter saying, "Thank you for a session so full of love and laughter," to a cross-border entrepreneur saying, "This is the most organized party I have ever attended," to an Executive in Residence at a top Bay Area venture capital firm saying, "This is the weirdest get-together I have ever been on. Would do again." Let's be versatile based on your need, and always deliver the zest.

Remarks about my speaking and emceeing include:

Comments about Hua Szu Yang's talk from a diverse audience, including "loved your talk," "fantastic storytelling," "love the onion prop," "I am enthralled with your vivid descriptions," "Amazing," "The framework you present is so fundamental to connection and self-compassion. Thanks for your insights, prompts and questions - consider my curiosity sparked. Brilliant talk and takeaways," "Fascinating," "This is so insightful," and "You are eloquence personified.  Absolutely fascinating talk."Tweet from Taylor Elyse Morrison that reads, "How can we approach crying with curiosity? Hua Szu Yang changed the way I look at my tears."Tweet from Alejandra Porta, Latina in Tech, that reads, "Love the end words of having more compassion towards ourselves. Powerful talk!"
Screenshot of e-mail that reads, "Hi Hua Szu, great job moderating! Thanks for hosting such an inspiring event!"
Comments about a talk from Hua Szu Yang, including "I love this talk. I'm finding it so refreshing, helping people to re-prioritize and reconnect," "yes great talk. Thank you," and "Thank you, really enjoyed that."
Comments on an event that Hua Szu Yang led, including "This was a great learning experience! I'm glad I was able to attend" and "So true! I felt so connected with the speakers and everybody in general, amazing event! Thank you for this!"
Comments about an event Hua Szu Yang facilitated, including "Thank you for allowing me to learn. This was exceptional. The topic of authenticity is so relevant. Took a page of notes," "AMAZING," "Thank you all for sharing your insight and advice," ""What got you here won't get you there." Love that," and "This is the BEST ANY meeting I've attended yet!"

Justin Evans made this beautiful art while watching one of my live talks at a conference.

Illustration inspired by a live conference talk from Hua Szu Yang, referring to our voices, joy, great experiences, overcoming challenges, poetry, product development, framing conversations, opening conversations, feedback with teams, reaching our inner child, managing conflict, the lenses we use, the pain of goodbye, research with stakeholders, and deep understanding.

Venues I have spoken at include:

Harvard UniversityStanford UniversityAmerica Needs You, serving people first in their family to attend universityWomen Who CodeOpen House New YorkStuyvesant High SchoolAda's List - https://adaslist.coDxZA - https://dxza.co.za/ - Design x Interaction x Product x TechCBRE
Express ourselves.
Today is the day to let ourselves be. Let's work together to share who we are with the world.
Not sure what to say? Tell us about a character, from a film, show, book, dream, or your life, whom you resonate with most. We will start a dialogue with you.